CLE Seminars

The Balancing of Perspectives in a Changing Title IX Landscape: Institutions, Complainants and Respondents

Friday, August 23, 2019
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Location: MBA CLE Room

Credits: 1.0 Hour Substantive

Moderator(s): Amy T. Brooks, Esq.

Speaker(s): Kelley Hodge, Esq.; Adam D. Zucker, Esq.; and Ashley Shapiro, Esq.

Topic: One (1) hour CLE on the subject of Title IX in the academic setting told from the dual perspective of the school, the complainant, and the respondent/accused. Presenters will provide a broad overview of the role of Title IX in education and what universities and colleges are expected to do to prevent and respond to reported incidents of sexual harassment and sexual assault. Presenters will provide a broad overview of students' due process rights and discuss the challenges from all perspectives. Title IX has been described as a cross between civil and criminal law where the protections of neither apply & where asserting your constitutional rights may end up getting the client expelled from school. Learn the basics of advising parents and student clients on how to conduct themselves when accused of a Title IX violation

Registration: Registration & lunch - 12:00 PM to 12:30 PM

Online Registration is Disabled

Online Registration for this CLE is not available at this time. Please contact the bar association if you have questions at 610-279-9660, ext. 200.