Center for Mediation and Arbitration

Your affordable alternative for dispute resolution

The Center for Mediation and Arbitration is a service of the Montgomery Bar Association that provides a quick, affordable dispute resolution.

Our hand-picked panel of expert neutrals has extensive knowledge of local rules and procedures and can help you save time and money from costly litigation.

Why Choose Center for Mediation and Arbitration?

  • Our All-Star Panel of Neutrals - includes Discovery Masters, former Common Pleas Judges and some our region’s top litigators;
  • Experience - our extensive knowledge of local rules and procedures can help you resolve cases fairly and stay out of court;
  • Quick Resolution - our clients save time and money by avoiding costly litigation.
  • Minimize Risk - our seasoned panelist understand our courts and can help all parties avoid the uncertainty of jury trials.
  • Ease Your Backlog - our expediency allows us to resolve a large number of cases at one time.
  • Cost Effective - our expert services cost less than other local and national ADR firms and are far less costly than litigation.

What is Mediation?

A process in which the parties attempt to resolve their dispute with assistance of a neutral, impartial third party.

The neutral is an impartial third party who promotes or facilitates an understanding among the parties of their common interests in reconciling or settling the matter. The mediator does not make any decision for the parties, except by special agreement. The mediator holds in confidence all information received during a mediation. Although the mediator assigned will be a member of the Montgomery Bar Association and a practicing attorney, no attorney / client privilege attaches to the communication between the parties and the mediator. No attorney / client relationship is established.

What is Arbitration?

The process of bringing a business dispute before a neutral party for resolution.

Arbitration is the process of bringing a business dispute before a neutral third party for resolution. The third party, an arbitrator, hears the evidence brought by both sides and makes a decision. That decision is binding on the parties unless agreed upon otherwise.

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Seeking Resolution?

Any party seeking to resolve a dispute via mediation or arbitration should download the appropriate form and return it to the Center for Mediation and Arbitration.

Agreement to Mediate

Agreement to Arbitrate

Questions? Please contact the Montgomery Bar Association at 610-279-9660, Ext. 200 - Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.
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Selection of a Mediator or Arbitrator

The Center for Mediation and Arbitration (CMA) will provide each party involved in the dispute with a list of approved mediators and arbitrators. The parties will have twenty (20) days from the date they submit the completed Request to Mediate or Arbitrate form to decide upon a neutral acceptable to all parties. In the event that there is no agreement on the neutral, the CMA, at the request of all parties, will assign a neutral. This assignment will be based on a rolling, random assignment of approved neutrals on the list.

Scheduling the Mediation or Arbitration Conference

After the CMA has been notified of the selection of a mutually agreeable neutral or, after the CMA has appointed a neutral, it will then be the neutral’s responsibility to schedule the date, time and location of the mediation, and to notify the parties and the CMA of the schedule. All mediations and arbitrations will be held in Montgomery County unless there is a special agreement made otherwise. The Montgomery Bar Association will provide comfortable space for CMA mediations and arbitrations at no additional cost.

All parties should click here for important information on our civil dispute resolution program; the responsibility of the Bar Association’s Dispute Resolution Committee, our approved listing of mediators and arbitrators and associated fees.