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Eagleville Hospital

Eagleville Hospital

Eagleville Hospital is a 305-bed independent, non-profit addictions and behavioral health treatment and educational organization.

Contact: Chuck Scarlato

100 Eagleville Road
P.O. Box 45
Eagleville, PA 19408

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Eagleville is the only area hospital to offer levels of care ranging from acute psychiatric hospitalization to specialty hospitalization to residential care for treating addiction, co-occurring and mental health disorders. We staff physicians, nurses and psychiatrists, who, along with therapists, social workers and addictions counselors, provide premium, integrated care customized to adults of all ages who want to thrive. When a patient has both mental health issues, including acute psychiatric disorders, and substance use disorders, we treat all issues simultaneously. We provide a complete spectrum of integrated care options, 24/7. For patients aged 50 and older who have a psychiatric disorder, we offer an Older Adult Behavioral Health Unit. For these patients who have a primary diagnosis of a psychiatric disorder, the goal is to stabilize them and return them to their optimal level of functioning outside the hospital. We provide round-the-clock nursing and highly focused, integrated care for the patients in this secure unit.