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Isolved Preferred

Isolved Preferred

Human resources is an always changing business - because it's a "people business." You need people-first human capital management solutions that will evolve with you-and your employees. Say hello to the new isolved.

Contact: Linda Tonk

11215 North Community House Road, Suite 800
Charlotte, NC 28277

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Simple, fast information that delivers the outcomes you need to transform your business.
  • Make HR a strategic function, using accurate workforce insights and reports to improve organizational efficiences and profitability.
  • Influence business decisions and quickly demonstrate ROI through measurable data and useful reports.
  • Access reporting and analytical HCM tools that are easy to use and understand, even for data and analytics novices.
  • Eliminate redundant data and improve efficiency with a human capital management solution that enables you to focus on strategic efforts that positively impact the business.

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